Teragram licenses its proprietary software and Linguistic data to other companies who embed our technologies into their corporate, Internet or software applications. Teragram has established itself as the leading technology and service provider for technologies such as Linguistics, pattern matching, Linguistic search and retrieval, international dictionaries for search and e-commerce, document management, and high demand Internet applications and services. By leveraging Teragram technologies, our customers are able to create new products quickly; improve the performance of their own products; expand their business to European, Arabic, and Asian markets; manage information more efficiently; and provide new functionalities to their own customers.



European and Arabic Linguistic Suite
Asian Linguistic Suite
Language & Character Encoding Identification
Unicode Library
Natural Language Queries
Related Queries
Linguistic Pattern Match
Knowledgebase Extraction Enhancements
Spelling Correction
Hashing and Compression
Dictionary Builder and Classifier
International Dictionaries
XML Parser

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